WEDDING SHOES The Award Winning Rainbow Wedding Shoe

From pointed courts to peep toes, to shimmery sandals and fabulous flats… Which Rainbow Club wedding shoes will you shine in on your special occasion?

After you find the style, you can then select a colour that suits your dress e.g. an ivory dress with ivory bridal shoes. I. Rainbow Club wedding shoes allow you to dye your shoes before or after the wedding meaning you could get more use from them after the big day. Even vintage wedding shoe styles can be dyed.

Some styles are available in extra small and larger sizes as well as in wide fit so you’re comfortable in your shoes all day long.

Experts in getting the colour right, the dyeing of ivory satin bridal shoes to any colour is a services the Rainbow Club offers ensuring complete satisfaction.

We offer an EEE standard fitting – you can find our + Fit Bliss collection when refining your search.

Rainbow Club pioneered the art of hand colouring satin footwear in 1986 and we remain the only producers in the world to guarantee our work, today we remain the original and the best.

At our in-house Colour Studio set in the heart of Devon, our experts can hand dye any of our dyeable shoes and accessories to any shade you desire.

To use our hand colouring service, you will need to purchase our Colour Pack.

When sending your shoes and accessories to us for hand colouring, we require a material colour swatch which needs to be at least 5 cm x 5 cm.

If you unfortunately do not have a fabric swatch, we can accept cotton reels as well as garments such as fascinators, hats, dresses, belts, fabric buttons, dress straps, sashes and even shoes and handbags – so long as the garment is made of fabric material and NOT made from paper, plastic, leather or suede.

When sending in a two-tone fabric, please ensure you state which colour tone you would like us to dye your shoes and accessories to – this will ensure there are no delays with your order.

Our hand colouring service takes 10+ working days from receipt of order at Rainbow Club.

Unfortunately we cannot offer this service as once dyed, all our products are spray protected as standard to set the colour. We we use an environmentally friendly water based dye, which cannot be dyed over the spray protection.

When purchasing a colour pack, you will need to buy one pack per item you wish to have dyed. For example, if you would like 2 pairs of shoes dyed and a handbag, you will need to order 2 Shoe Colour Packs and 1 Handbag/Shoe Clip Colour Pack – you will however only need to send in one swatch for your order.

Unfortunately we can only guarantee the dye on our own shoes so we do not accept other brands.

We can help! Rainbow Club has created a downloadable Wedding checklist, this features everything you need to know about organising your big day!

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