No stress with the bridesmaid’s dresses!

No stress with the bridesmaid’s dresses!


Shopping for their bridesmaid’s dresses with your official entourage is one of the really fun experiences of wedding planning.

To ensure it stays fun and stress-free, here’s our guide to ensure no stress with the bridesmaid’s dresses!



The most important thing to remember is that it’s still all about you and your wedding dress. If you haven’t found your dress yet, then put aside all thoughts about going on a shopping spree with the girls.

Your wedding dress must come first!  Bridesmaid dresses should complement your look, flatter your wedding dress and not compete or overpower in any way.

Avoid selecting dresses that are too similar to your wedding dress. Let’s make sure everyone knows who’s the centre of attention.

Instead, focus on a specific detail of your dress – this could be a touch of lace or a style of strap or back detail, to provide a cohesive look.



As obvious as it may seem, you need to choose your ‘squad’  before you start thinking of the bridesmaid dresses.

Most of us are not designed like the models pictured in the wedding magazines. Typically your bridesmaids will comprise of a variety of body shapes and size  (and of course, personalities).

Taking these into consideration when deciding on the style of your Bridesmaids dresses will not only help you find a solution that will work for everyone, it will be appreciated by your girls as they will feel both beautiful and comfortable on the day.

Do a little bit of research and try and identify a common style that they all may be comfortable with before embarking on any fun shopping trips, which could then descend into full-on strops after a few glasses of champagne.



If one style will simply not work for everyone, then it’s time to get creative.

A trend that is becoming increasingly popular is to allow each bridesmaid to choose a different style of dress, but in an identical colour to the others and hopefully with a common touch of detail to tie it all together.

By choosing the right bridal shop hopefully Bridal Box, who can offer a great range of dresses, this could be the easiest answer to your problems as it ensures everyone is happy, be ‘on theme’ and make for some creative photos.



Colour should be your next subject!

Firstly, consider your vision for the wedding –  have you already decided on a colour scheme?

Do you want all your bridesmaids in an identical colour, or a variety of complementing colours?

Are there particular flowers that you have set your heart on?

Also,  think about the wedding photos, as it’s important that the bridesmaid dresses don’t clash with any of the attire of the other members of the wedding party (Groom & Groomsmen) and also that the colour doesn’t get lost in the photo.

The likelihood is that your bridesmaids will also have a variety of skin tones, so it’s important to find a shade that flatters all.

Colours that tend to look good on everyone include Navy, light Grey, Dusty Rose, Plum and Turquoise.

Predictions following on from 2019, where orange and yellow were unusual and exciting colour choices, rusty hues are expected to be a more popular choice in 2020.

At Bridal Box our bridesmaid’s dresses come in a variety of 70 colours, so we are sure to have the perfect shade for your wedding party!

If you need any help planning your bridesmaids dresses then call us on 01443  228 203 or e-mail us on

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