From endless golden-white sandy beaches with clear blue oceans to picturesque mountain locations overlooking a stunning lake, destination weddings conjure up visions of pure romance and a moment never to be forgotten. Once the perfect venue has been chosen, it’s time to go shopping for the perfect dress to complement the setting.

Read on to discover some of our top tips when choosing your destination wedding dress:


As always, you’ll want the dress to connect with the venue and the look you are going for, however, a beach wedding does bring with it some practical considerations that you should incorporate into your criteria when dress shopping.

The main consideration is temperature, so fabric choice really matters. Try to avoid heavy corsets, as these will make you sweat more and possibly be unable to breathe in a hotter climate.  (The right underwear should do the same job that a corset does!) Likewise, a dress with too many petticoats will make you feel hot and stick to your legs.

Look for lightweight breathable fabrics such as chiffon, lace or tulle and a dress style that allows you to move more freely.

Chiffon is a lightweight woven fabric that is relatively weightless and is more durable than it looks.

This stunning dress by Enchanting incorporates chiffon

Tulle is a net-like fabric that has an open weave that looks like netting and is often incorporated with lace. Lace is often used as an overlay and provides some stunning detail, adding elegance to the look



With a whole world of destinations to choose from, not every beach venue is going to be the same.

If you are getting married directly on the beach, then you can opt for a more casual and relaxed look.

Shorter style dresses are perfect for a barefoot beach bride, but a train adds a romantic touch. Beach brides should opt for dresses with a puddle train that sits just behind the ankles or short trains, because long trains will simply sweep the beach and collect up all the beach debris!

However, if your ceremony is being held in a private resort, you may wish to opt for a more formal, sophisticated style, where you may not be too far away from air conditioning, or a building that is designed to manage the temperature.


Ronald Joyce has a fabulous sophistical range of destination dresses



One of the key moments, no matter where you are getting married, is your walk down the aisle or to the point where you will exchange your vows.

You want to be able to move as gracefully as possible, so it’s important to find out what exactly you will be walking on before shopping for wedding shoes.

Heels will sink in the sand, or put you at risk of a twisted ankle on more rocky beaches, so opt for a jewelled sandal or a pair of pretty flats that can easily be taken off for impromptu walks in the sand.   If you really want the height benefit of heels, then consider wedges for a height boost.

If the location of the wedding is anywhere near the coast, every bride should be prepared for a sea breeze.  Wind can play havoc with a veil or a hairstyle.

A beach bride needs to consider how they are going to keep hair in place to avoid spending the day constantly readjusting – think shorter veils, headpieces and accessories.



Finally, a very important factor is how you are going to get your dream dress to your destination wedding.

As a rule, slim-fitting and more streamlined dresses with less fabric are easier to transport and can often be taken on board the flight as hand luggage.

It may be worth checking with the airline in advance whether or not there are facilities where a dress may be hung during the flight or, you may consider purchasing an extra seat for your dress to ensure its safety.

One tip is to place tissue paper over any beading or crystals on your dress prior to it being folded, to ensure that it doesn’t dent the fabric during the flight.

Some fabrics travel better than others – chiffon, for example, is not only cool but also does not crease easily, and any small creases will easily drop out if the dress spends 20 minutes being hung in a steamy shower room.     It is worth talking to your hotel to establish if steaming services can be arranged on your arrival, or alternatively you can purchase your own handheld steamer to travel with you.

At Bridal Box we will safely store your dress for you and pack it ready for you to pick up. No matter where you go in the world to get married, you don’t want any stress with the dress!

For more information on finding your perfect destination wedding dress, contact us for a friendly chat or book a no-obligation appointment.

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