Groom FAQ's

Either phone, e-mail or use our web appointment page.

We recommend the initial appointment should be just the groom and of course the bride. Once you have both decided on what you like we will measure the groom and then make a further appointment to measure the rest of the party.

Cameron Ross has an excellent web page where you can build your own suit so when you come to the shop you have already done the decision making. Go to build your own suit on the home.

If your bride has had their bridesmaids dresses from us you can match in the shop with the selection of colours we stock.

This depends on the type of suit you select but in general:

• Tail coat outfit – Mens and Childs
• Prince Edwards – Mens and Childs
• Short jacket outfit – Mens only

Size Chest Men’s XS/S/R/L/XL 34-60
Size Chest Boys XS/S/R/L/XL 20-32

Waste Coat:
Size Chest Regular & Long 34-60″
Size length Regular only 20-32″

Men’s Size waist 28″-56″
Men’s Size length 27″-38″
Childs Size waist 18” – 26”
Men’s Size length 10″-26″

50% is required before the suit can be ordered and the final 50% when you pick the suit up.

Day after the function date. For example if you pick the suit up on Friday before the function then you will need to return to the Bridal Box on the Tuesday after.

Yes but the there is a cost sorry.

Definitions and Interpretation

In these terms and, the following words and phrases shall have the following meanings?

• “Function Date” means the date of the function for which the item(s) of clothing is/are being hired. If travel is involved prior to date of function, the date of travel becomes the function date.

• “Fitting Date” means the date on which the Hirer must attend the Host Store for the purposes of trying on all garment(s) (except shirt) to ensure they fit

• “Hirer” means the person who makes the booking, either on their own behalf or on the behalf of their party, to hire one or more articles of clothing.

• “Hire Period” means the period of hire which will commence at 9am on the Function Date and will cease at 9am on the Return Date unless agreed otherwise

• “Order Date” means the date the Hirer places the order

• “Return Date” means the date on which all garments must be returned to the shop from which they have been hired

• “Host Store” means the shop where garments are ordered, measured, fitted, collected and returned to.

• “Retailer “is the company that your booking is with.

If you feel unable to accept any of these terms and conditions you may cancel this order within 48 hours of the Order Date and receive a full refund, including your deposit, unless Fitting or Function Date is within seven days of Order Date. Deposits are non-refundable if the order is cancelled more than 48 hours after the Order Date.

Your retailer will provide:

Garments as detailed on your order as long as they are within the size range available. Please note that it is not possible to carry out alterations to garments as you would expect if you are purchasing it.

All garments are quality checked and processed after each hire and every effort is made to ensure the quality is to a high standard and that garments are free from any defects. However, due to dry cleaning there may be a slight shading difference in garments, especially where garments are
ordered for a large wedding party.

Cameron Ross reserves the right to substitute to the nearest half size as follows:

I. Jacket Sleeve + / – 1 inch
II. Trouser length + / – 1 inch
III. Top hat size + / – 1/8
IV. Shoes + ½ size
V. Shirts + ½ inch

Customer – important points to note:

1. Booking
The Hirer must attend the Host Store and complete an order form

2. Deposit
A minimum deposit of 50% of the total hire charge must be paid on booking.

3. Changes to Original Order
We reserve the right to charge for any changes you make to your order.

4. Fitting
a. The Hirer is urged to confirm that his order is in the branch prior to travelling in the unlikely event that there have been unforeseen delays in the delivery of orders.
b. The Hirer must come for a fitting on the date stated and try on all garments (except shirt) to make sure they fit.
c. If the fit is not satisfactory please report this to us immediately or not later than 11am on the day following the Fitting Date. We cannot accept any responsibility if you fail to do this.
d. If garments do not fit satisfactorily or have any other fault further visits to the shop will be necessary. All replacements must be inspected and tried on by the Hirer (or other members of the Hirer’s party) at the shop. Goods will be delivered only to the shop of original order for checking and trying on by Hirer or party member.
e. Failure of the Hirer or party member to request the replacement of any item within the time stated above (see clause 4c) will result in additional carriage charges, payment of which will be the responsibility of the Hirer.
f. It is the responsibility of the Hirer or party member to meet their own expenses (e.g. travel costs, time off work, etc.) incurred during this fitting and collection process.
g. As children’s size change quite significantly whilst they are growing the Hirer should arrange to re-measure 4 weeks prior to the function to confirm the sizes required. This allows plenty of time to amend the order if necessary. It is not uncommon for children’s garments to need several fittings.
h. If the Hirer has submitted their own sizes to Sort My Wedding Outfit, neither the retailer nor Sort My Wedding Outfit will not be responsible for ill-fitting garments.

5. Cancellation of Order
a. In the event of an order being cancelled within 48 hours of the Order date the deposit will be refunded in full unless conditions (5c) or (5d) below apply.
b. In the event of an order being cancelled more than 48 hours after the order date the deposit is non-refundable.
c. In the event of the order being cancelled within one month before Fitting Date you will be required to pay 50% of the full cost per suit ordered.
d. In the event of the order being cancelled within one week before Fitting Date you will be required to pay the full cost for each suit ordered.
e. If an order is cancelled due to exceptional circumstances, the decision to refund any deposits paid will be entirely at the discretion of the store.

6. Group Bookings
a. Payment: Each order must be paid for at the host store where the order was placed.
b. Fitting/Collection: These must be done at the store at which the wearer placed the order or another store that meets the agreement of the Retailer.
c. Return of Garments: The customer must return the garments to the host store at which the order was placed.
d. If one member of the group is collecting other party member orders, then they will be held responsible for any damage or loss to any of the garments contained within the orders he has collected.
e. The Retailer will not be liable for any issues relating to the timely supply of outfits if the above requirements are not met.

7. Collection of Garments
a. If the Hirer has enabled email messaging by Sort My Wedding Outfit, an email notification will be sent to the Hirer to advise the outfit is ready for collection.
b. The Hirer should telephone the Host Store prior to travelling to the store in order to check that his order has arrived in case of any unlikely delay due to unforeseen circumstances.
c. When you have had your fittings and any necessary replacements have also been tried on and found to be satisfactory the outfit is then deemed to be complete.
d. We stress that the Hire Period is deemed to start from 9am on the Function Date, which is the time we agree to have the suit available, providing the above conditions have been complied with. Please remember that, if travelling, Function Date is deemed to be date of travel.
e. It is the Hirer’s responsibility to inform the shop, when booking, if the outfits are required before the Function Date. The Hirer is responsible for checking that the fact is stated on the order form.
f. When an outfit is required in advance of the Function Date an extra hire charge of 50% per week or part week is payable.

8. Extended Hire – (before or after the function date)
Hire orders may be extended for additional weeks at a rate of 50% of the normal weekly hire charge for additional week or part week. This includes provision for the delivery of orders earlier than the branch normal delivery date.

9. Late Orders
Late orders are deemed to be orders received within 7 days of the Function Date. These orders may be accepted but will be sent out by an independent carrier and you will incur an additional cost. The Retailer will not accept responsibility for any failure to deliver on time by such third party.

10. Return of Garments
All garments must be returned on the first day the store is open after the function. Failure to do so will result in an excess charge of £8 per suit per day after the stated return date. There is no exception to this condition.

11. Care of Garments
a. Please treat the garments with reasonable care.
b. Please take particular care with top hats. Under no circumstances should they be thrown into the air.

12. Lost/Stolen/Maliciously Damaged Items
The hirer will be responsible for the cost of any hire item that is lost, stolen or maliciously damaged. A full range of charges is available on request.

a. Payment of Accidental Damage Waiver by the hirer covers any charges that would normally arise following accidental damage to any or all of the garments provided that they were being used appropriately (with the exception of Top Hats, which are NOT covered by this waiver).
b. Accidental Damage Waiver is optional.
c. The waiver does not cover garments which have in our opinion been damaged through inappropriate use.
d. Please remember that any personal or wedding insurance you may already hold does not cover the garments owned by us.

To Ensure The Health Of Our Staff And People Who Visit Our Shop, We Have Used The Professional Services Of A Health & Safety Company – Hands Consultancy.

The Government Advice Has Been Reviewed And Implemented Into Our Health & Safety Management System.


Further information can be found  via the following link.

Bride FAQ's

Some of our brides find their dream dress with us straight away and do not wish to look anywhere else. Others like to visit a few other boutiques and therefore, more time is needed in the decision-making process. Consequently, you may wish to bear in mind that ideally you should aim to be ordering your dress 7-9 months prior to the date of your wedding. This takes into account the time it takes for your dress to be made to order and then, very importantly, the time needed to have your dress fitted perfectly to you. However, if you are on a tight timescale, please do still come and see us as we have been known to work miracles and have sample dresses which can be bought off-the-peg and adjusted to fit you to perfection.

We allow one and a half hours for all first appointments with us. This gives us plenty of time to get to know you and to find out all about your wedding. It also allows lots of time for you to try on our beautiful dresses! Saturday appointments are so popular with our brides that we recommend you book your appointment as far in advance as possible. If weekdays and Saturdays are difficult for you, we are able to offer late night appointments on request. we shall make it feel just as special as the first!

We do understand this is not only an important occasion for you but also for your nearest and dearest. However, our boutique is rather intimate and seating space for guests is limited. Therefore we recommend that you bring no more than 2-3 guests with you. It will also make for a far more enjoyable experience for you as too many loved ones all giving their opinions can be unhelpful and rather confusing! Do remember, it is your opinion which is the one that truly counts so it is important that you don’t feel confused or distracted from your mission to find the perfect dress.

During your appointment, you will receive a one-to-one with a member of staff and you will have our undivided attention in helping you to find your perfect dress. Once we have found out a little bit about you and your wedding style, the fun really starts as you have a look through all of our dresses and choose which ones you would like to try on. You will then be shown to a private fitting room in which to try on our beautiful gowns and then the curtain will be swished back for us to reveal you as a beautiful bride to your family and friends. Once you have found the dress of your dreams, we can help you complete the look to perfection with our stunning collections of veils, boleros, shoes, jewellery and wedding hair accessories.

Most importantly, we want you to be comfortable so please do feel that you can wear whatever you usually do! However, it would be sensible to wear a strapless bra and to bring a hair clip to put your hair up as some of our dresses have the most divine back-detailing. Please also ensure that you do not wear fake tan and that you keep your makeup to a minimum to ensure that our dresses are kept as beautiful as possible for all of our brides.

Bridal Box will provide details of reliable and quality seamstress,  Usually, you will need a maximum of 2-3 fittings and prior to buying, we can provide you with guidelines as to the cost of possible alterations. As a guideline, we suggest that fittings are booked in to take place 6-8 weeks before your wedding date. However, they can take place further in advance or closer to your wedding date to suit you. When you come for your first fitting, it is beneficial that you bring with you the shoes and underwear you intend to wear on your wedding day.

Yes, we ask for a 50% deposit before we can order the dress, and then the remaining balance on delivery of the dress to Bridal Box.

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