STYLISH BRIDESMAID DRESSES Find the bridesmaid dresses you've always wanted

We know that on your wedding day you want everything to be perfect – from your dress to your shoes, the venue and the weather – so it’s no surprise that you’d want your loved ones to look and feel amazing as they’re with you on your big day.

We have a number of brands who we deal with regularly and can get the best styles from so that you can find bridesmaid dresses that fit in with your style and theme perfectly.

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    Ronald Joyce Bridesmaid Dresses

    Founded in the 1950’s by Ronald and Joyce Phillips as a London based Bridal and Evening Wear Design House, Ronald Joyce is now one of the best known manufacturers in the Industry for bridal, and bridesmaids wear.

    Italian-born designer, Veni Infantino has developed a unique signature style creating beautiful dresses, using modern materials and soft shapes. Veni’s signature style is elegant, stylish, feminine and timeless.  The Ronald Joyce and Victoria Jane collections are designed to embrace a wide selection of tastes including dramatic detail, structured tailoring and exquisite embellishments.  With a combination of classic designs and modern fashion innovations, the Ronald Joyce collection provides brides with a luxurious and diverse selection of styles that are unique in the market.


    True Bride Bridesmaid Dresses

    True Bride – Contemporary gowns with a strong focus on intricate detailing. We believe brides should feel nothing less than gorgeous on their wedding day.

    True Bride designs bring together beautiful, quality fabrics with decadent beading and detailing, in addition to the cut and comfort of the True Bride construction. Brides should feel nothing less than gorgeous on their wedding day.

    Emma Bridals

    Emma Bridals is a British-based bridal gown design & manufacturing company. Founded in 1988 in California as Eden Bridals, the company has been under British control since 2015. A strong name in the bridal industry, offering quality at affordable prices.

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