DESIGNER WEDDING DRESSES IN A RANGE OF BRIDAL STYLES The Most Beautiful Dresses From Distinguished Designers

Your wedding day is one of the most special and memorable days in your life, so your wedding dress should be just that too. We’re able to source some of the most stunning dresses from the biggest designers in a range of bridal styles, so if you find something you love pop in for a chat and a coffee, and we’ll see if we can help you get the dress of your dreams.

We’ve listed some of our favourite brands below, with links so you can take a look through their collections and choose your favourites to show us!

  • Randy Fenoli Bridal logo

    Randy Fenoli Wedding Dresses

    Say yes to the dress – Randy Fenoli driven by his fascination for design, Randy taught himself how to sew at the early age of 9. Randy’s passion for fashion and design lead him to the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology. While at FIT, Randy won a number of awards for design and achievement. Immediately after graduating, Randy launched two bridal industry collections: Randy Fenoli for the Diamond Collection and Randy Fenoli for Dressy Creations. Randy is the recipient of two DEBI awards (Design Excellence in the Bridal Industry), the most prestigious award for bridal designers.

    Ronald Joyce Wedding Dresses

    The Ronald Joyce Bridal collection is strikingly beautiful. Inspired by the glamorous 1930’s and theatrical 20’s era, this collection showcases a fabulous array of stylish and luxurious wedding dresses.

    Finding inspiration from the classical designs of the 20s and 30s, the wedding dress collection features elegant Lace, beautifully detailed sleeves and a soft colour palette. Key colours are classic Ivory mixed with hints of warmer tones in Champagne and Light Gold. The beautiful colour palette accentuates this stunning new range of wedding dresses from Ronald Joyce.

    Sophia Tolli Wedding Dresses

    Wedding Dresses by Sophia Tolli, these bridal gowns provide both classic and couture designs including strapless ball gowns, A-line dresses, halters and slim skirts. Wedding dresses with Sophia’s signature draping and corset backs provide an impeccable fit. Sophia adds, “My collection has two distinct feelings: soft romanticism and traditional bridal drama. My signature style will always be gowns with an exceptional fit and cut.”

    Wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses with unparalleled craftsmanship and exceptional fit, Sophia Tolli presents an array of show-stopping wedding gowns and special occasion dresses.

    Victoria Jane Wedding Dresses

    Italian-born designer, Veni Infantino has developed a unique signature style creating beautiful dresses, using modern materials and soft shapes. Veni’s signature style is elegant, stylish, feminine and timeless. The Victoria Jane collection is designed to embrace a wide selection of tastes including dramatic detail, structured tailoring and exquisite embellishments. With a combination of classic designs and modern fashion innovations, the collection provides brides with a luxurious and diverse selection of styles that are unique in the market.

    Enchanting By Mon Cheri Wedding Dresses

    Enchanting by Mon Cheri – Contemporary gowns with a strong focus on intricate detailing. We believe brides should feel nothing less than gorgeous on their wedding day.

    Mon Cheri designs bring together beautiful, quality fabrics with decadent beading and detailing, in addition to the cut and comfort of the Mon Cheri construction. Brides should feel nothing less than gorgeous on their wedding day.

    Modeca Wedding Dresses

    Modeca Europe is a Dutch bridal fashion manufacturer, who offers exclusive bridal gowns for about 70 years on an international level. Modeca bridal collections make a great impression with understated elegance. The fabrics and materials are of the highest quality, the designs have unique silhouettes, are classy but have a modern feel to it.

    Over the last years Modeca Collection presented designs to brides that where different, unique, modern but sophisticated. 2014 MODECA introduced their exclusive bridal gowns all over the world to find their Modeca brides and give them the most exclusive look and feel on their special day.

    • Randy Fenoli Bridal logo
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