All Good Things Come in Threes

All Good Things Come in Threes

This month marks the arrival of our latest products:

In this month’s newsletter, we’ve got a fantastic prize draw that promotes best practice, an update on this season’s newest products and plans to increase footfall into your store. If you’re busy preparing for the upcoming season then sit back, relax and enjoy the latest news, hints and tips from your favourite menswear hire supplier.

All Good Things Come in Threes

This month marks the arrival of our latest products on OMS and the Cameron Ross Formal Hire Sort My Wedding Outfit website; the resplendent Pale Blue Waistcoats, Floral Ties from Liberty and Tartan Ties. We anticipate lots of interest and you’ll be able to start placing orders on your OMS system from the 1st February 2018 – simply restart your system and apply the mandatory update. To help with any public enquiries, here are some more details on availability, styles and sizing:

1 – Launching in April 2018, our Pale Blue waistcoats – available in single and double-breasted – complement the contemporary Slim Fit and classic Tailcoats beautifully with their sophisticated look. Available in adult and child sizes, both Pale Blue waistcoats start from 20” to 32” in a Regular fit for kids and 34” to 60” in a Regular and Long for adults. We’ll be sending you promotional flyers to encourage interest in-store, and ultimately, generate extra sales through your till.

2 – Available in adults and boys, our floral ties and hankies will be a popular choice this season. Using the iconic Liberty Fabrics and their colourful designs, we’ve got three distinctive patterns (Blue Floral, Sage Floral and Pink Floral) coming to the range in April 2018. We’ll be giving you the chance to purchase floral tie and handkerchief packs as soon as we’ve received delivery from the supplier. Each pack will include a floral tie and floral hankie in the colour of your choice costing £15 per pack.

3 – To complement the three tartans ties and hankies (Grey Spirit, Scottish Spirit and Spirit of Bannockburn) that launched last year, we’re adding Help For Heroes, Black Watch and Blue Spirit to the mix. Perfect if you want to stand out from the crowd while wearing traditional highland dress.


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