GORGEOUS ACCESSORIES Get the perfect finishing touches for your wedding day

Bridal accessories transform your look so it is important to make the right choices and explore your own personal style.

When choosing your dress it is best to try lots of different styles and ideas, every dress is unique and as such requires a whole new look when it comes to accessories. There is no right or wrong when it comes to veils or headpieces, it is important to find an overall look that makes you feel special but most importantly like you.

If your dress is very simple at the back a full length veil with a bit of sparkle would be great to add some interest, if you are going for a more Vintage or Art Deco look try out some side headbands as a fitting alternative to the traditional tiara, or be brave and consider more on trend options like birdcage or lace face veils. For a simpler, elegant look a classic corsage in the hair can look stunning.

We have carefully selected recognised bridal accessory designers as part of our collection.

    Arianna Tiaras

    Hand made in the UK this beautiful collection of Tiaras, Headdresses and Accessories is designed for the bride who wants that special individual look for her wedding. Products can be modified to suit your very own requirements, items can be made to match: jewellery to match headdresses as well as a huge range of colours and components.

    Linzi Jay

    Linzi Jay are a leading manufacturer and supplier of Bridal Accessories, Bridesmaids dresses in the UK, Europe & Worldwide. Find your perfect bridal accessories with our beautiful collection of diamante & pearl bridal belts, delicate lace bridal jackets, elegant silver bridal jewellery and traditional bridal garters.

    Heading Up

    Heading Up was founded with the goal of providing affordable bridal accessories to the bridal industry, with up-to-date designs, flexible working terms and friendly, personal customer service.

    GORGEOUS ACCESSORIES Get A Glimpse Of Our Range

    Campion Tiara

    Gloriosa Vine


    Hellebore Vine

    Chamomile Mini Combs

    Porleigh Tiara

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